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    Probably one of the most aspirational needs of an individual is that roof over one's head, that one calls - a Home. Aspirations should be met, and it was with this aim and single-minded goal, that Premier Energy and Infrastructure Limited was incorporated on 25th March, 1988. At that time, Housing Development was the fiefdom of a few individual players and partnership firms. At Premier, we decided to institutionalize this profession, and to pass on the benefits to our clients. We also decided to concentrate on that category, which we were sure would be the prime set of clients as time progressed - the middle income group. Today our belief stands justified, as the middle class is where the heart of the construction industry lies. 


    Premier is now in an expansion mode and we are moving toward provided additional services - Services that are an extension of our Infrastructure arm.  After promoting approx 1 million Sq. ft of commercial and residential area, we are looking at investing in Companies which are in the business of infrastructure development including Manufacturing, Ancillary, Construction, Real Estate, SEZ, Software and BPO. As a listed company, we would ensure that our shareholders are benefited. We are looking to moving in the EPC domain of Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Another Sector that we are aiming to move into is Power. We are looking forward to the coming days where we would own - either directly or through subsidiaries, power plants - harnessing both nature and the conventional sources like Coal, Gas, Lignite and Oil.